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A Message From The President of IPA Atlantic

IPA Atlantic President

Welcome to the official website of the International Police Association in Atlantic Canada. We are delighted that you are visiting our website and we encourage all eligible Canadian Law Enforcement personnel to join our friendship organization and discover the world-wide opportunities that we offer.   

Bienvenue sur le site officiel de l'Association Internationale des Policiers au Canada Atlantique. Nous sommes ravis que vous visitiez notre site et nous encourageons tous les agents d’organisations policières à se joindre à notre organisation d'amitié et à découvrir les opportunités que nous offrons. 

Servo per Amikeco,

B. (Bernie) Bergevin


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IPA Canada Friendship Weeks in Croatia             May 9  - May 23,2020
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We are very excited to announce that IPA Region 16 “The Atlantic” has reached an agreement with Bell Mobility! We believe that this deal represents an amazing value for your membership dollar. You should save enough in the first month of your Bell Mobility IPA corporate account service to recoup your annual IPA membership.

This will simply be an option for IPA members across Canada to take advantage of as we continue to look for ways to help you get more out of your membership.

IPA Atlantic Region is now selling its official Challenge Coin. One side of our coin bears the R16 logo featuring Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse (Nova Scotia) which is an iconic Canadian image of one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canada. The other side of the Coin illustrates the IPA International logo with the 13 provincial and territorial flags of Canada. 

The coins are $15.00 each + $5.00 S&H. For questions or orders, contact our supply officer, Robin Britt, via email at:  Store.Magasin.IPA.16@gmail.com


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