About Us

The International Police Association (IPA) is the largest & oldest worldwide fraternal police organization. A non-profit organization whose membership consists of active and retired law enforcement personnel. The association promotes global and cultural friendship among peace officers and is dedicated to enhance the image of the police in its member countries. It is an organization that is in excess of 420,000 strong, thriving in 63 countries. The IPA also offers scholarships to serving members, local and foreign social events, cultural exchanges, youth activities and travel opportunities.

Member Benefits

Worldwide network of contacts

Travel assistance and other courtesies

Access to IPA houses around the world

International youth gatherings

Scholarships seminars and training

Conferences and friendship weeks

Quarterly newsletters and social activities

Active officers exchange programs

Competitions and prizes

Affinity programs and discounts

​"Servo per Amikeco / Service through Friendship"

Executive Members

Beverly Bryant


Suzanne Bill


Gina White


Bruce Mesh

Membership Director

Paul Robichaud

Director for New Brunswick 

Chris Conwell

Director for Prince Edward Island

Paula Raymond

Director for Newfoundland and Labrador 

Jean-Francois LeBlanc

Travel Director

Bernard Bergevin

Affiliate Programs Manager